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We use guardian homes to ensure all of our mommas are loved and cared for! In fact, some of our guardians raise some litters throughout the year as well. A few fun facts about our mommas: we are officially going to have our third generation of Brooklyn Cockapoos babies! We are moving towards multi-generational cockapoos, but we still have some mommas who are cocker spaniels and poodles. 

All our parents have been tested via Embark or Paw Prints.

Meet Maisy

F2 Cockapoo

Maisy is a red and white parti F2 (second generation) Cockapoo. She is the daughter of Boba. She has the cutest face ever. Maisy is super loved in her guardian home, always either out on a jog or at the beach, living her best life!! Maisy is living in her guardian home.


Meet Gigi

F2 Cockapoo

Gigi is a apricot colored F2 Cockapoo. She is one of our maxi cockapoos. She is the daughter to our retired boy Boba. Gigi has a calm disposition and is independent compared to her sister. She will have her first litter ever in 2023. She lives with her sister Bean, who is also one of our future mommas. 


Meet Ruby

F1 Cockapoo

Ruby is a chocolate phantom parti merle F1 Cockapoo. She will be a future momma of ours in the near future. She is now weighing in at 17lbs.  She will have mini cockapoos with us Winter of 2023— her first litter of babies! These pictures do not do justice! We will get new pictures of her soon! Ruby currently lives in a guardian home.


Meet Sunny

F1 Cockapoo

Sunny is a gorgeous red F1 Cockapoo. She currently weighs 20lbs. Sunny is super mellow, with just a little spurts of energy here and there. We will be keeping a few of her babies in the future to continue our multigenerational lines. Sunny currently lives in a guardian home.


Meet Bean

F2 Cockapoo

Bean is a multi-generational cockapoo. She is one of our larger cockapoos, weighing roughly 25lbs. She has a beautiful mahogany red coat. She is an absolute love bug, truly a happy-go-lucky dog. She will be having her first litter with us this fall of 2023. She lives with her sister Gigi.


Meet Gabby

F2 Cockapoo

Gabby is a F2 cockapoo, she is one of our maxi cockapoos. She weighs roughly 30lbs. She is the daughter of Flame and Karma. She has a funny personality, the opposite of a complete couch potato. She is expecting her first litter this year with Arthur, which will be our Maxi cockapoo litter!


Meet Hazel

F1B Cockapoo

Hazel is considered an F1B Cockpoo , she weighs around 18lbs and is considered mahogany red. Her face is so plush! Hazel is a cheerful gal, who loves her person! We are excited to see Hazel's first litter later in fall 2023.

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