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Like our mommas, we use guardian homes for our dads to make sure they are loved and cared for! Our current and upcoming dads are Arthur, Roman and Murphy!

All our parents have been tested via Embark or Paw Print.



F1 Cockapoo

Murphy is a F1 chocolate parti cockapoo. He is about 16lbs. He has bright green eyes that are stunning. He is a very independent, curious fella.  He will be the father to our F1b Cockapoos and Multigenerational Cockapoos. We are excited to see more chocolate babies in our program.



F4 Cockapoo

This little fella is a real gentlemen; he has the kindest soul in the world! Not only does he have striking bright blue eyes, his temperament is incomparable!  Arthur is a F4 Cockapoo. He has sired multigenerational cockapoos in our program. 



AKC Miniature Poodle

Roman is not only a STUD muffin. He is also the sweetest guy ever, calm demeanor. Never knows a stranger. Lady's boy! He is roughly 12lbs. He comes from a long line of non-fading reds. His pedigree is filled with champions. His dad being a Grand Champion. We cannot wait to see what he produces. 



F1 Cockapoo (Retired) 

Like all our other dogs, Boba has such a wonderful disposition. He is about 17lbs. Boba is currently having the time of his life with his Guardian Parent! Boba has a beautiful deep red coat, his daughter Maisy, Bean and Gigi is our future mommas!

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