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Like our mommas, we use guardian homes for our dads to make sure they are loved and cared for! Our current and upcoming dads are Boba, Waylon (better known to us as WeiWei), and Arthur (a pending, future dad)!

All our parents have been tested via Embark or Paw Print.



F1 Cockapoo (Retired) 

Like all our other dogs, Boba has such a wonderful disposition. He is about 17lbs and will be our future stud for our F2 pups! Boba is currently having the time of his life with his Guardian Parent! Boba has a beautiful deep red coat, his daughter Maisy is one of our future mommas!



AKC Poodle

Wei has the most gentle soul ever. He is about 12lbs and has the cutest babies ever. He has the most soulful eyes for a poodle, he has the sweetest face ever. He is our father to our F1 Cockapoos and our F1b Cockapoos. He truly is a sweetheart and stunning! 

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F4 Cockapoo

This little fella is our newest addition; he stays here with us! Not only does he have striking brightblue eyes, his temperament is incomparable! Like our other two boys, he has a wonderful disposition.He is a gentle gentlemen! Baby boy is a F4 Cockapoo and hopefully be our future dad (pending health testing).