At Brooklyn Cockapoos we believe that every dog NEEDS a loving home that gives him/her unconditional affection. Unlike some breeders who participate in Kennel-Based, we put our dogs interest at the highest level of importance. To simply put it,  you can purchase a puppy at a very discounted rate that we would co-own under contract and I would breed said dog during the length of the contract and when contract was fulfilled I would pay to have the pet fixed and sign over all ownership.  If you are interested in learning more about upcoming guardian puppies or getting on our list to guardian one of our angels please email for more information.
More About Guardian Homes
  • Males are very easy to provide a home for.  All you have to do is make them available to us when needed until the age of 5 or 6 depending on health.  If you are more than an hour from our house I would keep the dog for 5-7 days during the breeding. 
  •  Females come in heat the first time *normally* between the age of 9-10 months old.  Can vary per dog.  Then if *normal* they will have a heat every 6 months.  Like human females this can vary per dog. 
  • When she is ready to breed she would come back to us for 5-6 days for the breeding, then home for the pregnancy period (55 days,) then back a week prior to delivery and will stay 6 weeks with us while she nurses and weans the puppies.  (This makes a great time to plan vacations and get free boarding.)
  • We agree to breed females 3 times.  
  • All vet fees associated with breeding or the puppies will be our responsibility.
  • In the case of providing a home for one of our females... ALL MALE DOGS IN THE HOME MUST BE FIXED.  It is your responsibility to make sure she does not get pregnant while in heat.
  • When breeding is finished we will pay to have her fixed and she will retire to spend the rest of her days with you and all ownership will be transferred to you.   
*If you live within two hours or close to it and have an approved application then you qualify to guardian a puppy.  Email or Call for more info about Guardian Homes.*