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At Brooklyn Cockapoos, we believe that every dog needs loving homes that give him/her unconditional affection. Unlike some breeders who participate in Kennel-Based, we want our dogs to live their best life in their forever homes.

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What is a Guardian Home?

A Guardian Home is a chance to be involved with the magic that happens at Brooklyn Cockapoos. Every so often, we decide to keep a puppy from a litter as a future momma or dad. These puppies will be placed in Guardian Homes. 


We place these puppies in Guardian Homes and once they have reached adulthood, pending on health test, they will become a parent to our future Brooklyn Cockapoos puppies.

Unlike other breeders, we are not kennel based and in order to further our goal of raising multigenerational cockapoos, we must keep back from our lines and place them into guardian families. 

Additionally, if you live within 2 hours of our location and you have an approved application, you qualify to be a guardian home to our puppy. If you are interested in learning more about upcoming guardian puppies or getting on our list to guardian one of our angels please email for more information.

Send us an email at with the Subject Line "Guardian Home" if you're interested in being a Guardian Parent!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Cost Involded with being a Guardian Parent?

The puppy will be placed in your home free of charge; however, the guardian home will be responsible for the costs associated with the care of the puppy.

What are the requirements to be a Guardian Parent?

To be considered for Guardian Home, we require that you are within driving distance of our home. Guardian families must have a safe and secure home for the dog.

What's it like being a Female Guardian Parent?

A female guardian parent is heavily involved in the process as they will be participating and caring for the pregnancy of our momma. We do 2-3 litters with our mommas.

What's it like being a Male Guardian Parent?

A male guardian parent is required to allow us to bring the dad in to do the breeding in- sometimes on shorter notice. It is about a 3-4 year commitment.

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